...fostering unity

among Yoruba people

...promoting the

teaching of Yoruba culture

...celebrating the

values of Yoruba

Membership Requirements

Membership of associate shall comprise;

I. Teachers of Yoruba in the pre-primary schools in Nigeria.

II.Teachers of Yoruba in secondary schools, teachers in colleges, college of education, the polytechnics and other post secondary institutions  where Yoruba is being taught.

III. Representatives of educational bodies such as W.A.E.C., N.E.C.O., ministries of education, N.E.R.D.C., cultural centers. Media houses, publishing organizations and other persons or group of persons keenly interested in the develop of Yoruba language and culture in Nigeria.

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Reviewed Publications

  • Ise Yoruba - Reviewed by Sobande Seyi
  • Asa ati Ede - Reviewed by Adedigba Sylvester
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