...fostering unity

among Yoruba people

...promoting the

teaching of Yoruba culture

...celebrating the

values of Yoruba

Celebration of Luminaries

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Reviewed Publications

  • Ise Yoruba - Reviewed by Sobande Seyi
  • Asa ati Ede - Reviewed by Adedigba Sylvester
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    Quotable Quote

    The only person that is educated is the one that has learned how to learn and change. - Carl Rogers

    Ọwọ́ ọmọdé kò tó pẹpẹ ti àgbàlagbà kò wọ kèrègbè


    Ewé kì í bọ́ lára igi kó ni igi lára ----- the dropping of a leaf off a tree presents no burden to the tree.

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