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Marketing MIAD

MIAD-NIGERIA: Marketing, Investment and Development.

A compendium of Statistical Data and Information on Nigeria.
- A Unique reference source
- A complete data-aid
- The single most useful, functional reference source on the Nigeria socio-political and economic landscape
- The sum of all the alternative put together

"Executives in various field of Endeavour often have to rely on a wide range of publications for information required in day-to-day decision-making. Because of the diffused sources; the application, integration and retrieval of such information could sometimes be a tedious exercise. It is from this point of view that executives operating in a wide range of activity sectors and segments of society are likely to welcome as a positive development the advent of MIAD-NIGERIA ..... A rich source of valuable information both of socio-economic and general nature .... from a great variety of independent records have been mobilized and presented in this publication .... which I am pleased to commend to managers and decision-makers in every sector of the Nigeria economy".

Price: N3,500.00

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